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The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Apartments With Utilities Included In Indianapolis

February 22, 2023
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Having utilities included seems like a great deal when searching for an apartment in Indianapolis. You won’t need to worry about the expense of gas and electricity or remember to take care of those monthly bills. On the other hand, you could be faced with a higher rent to cover the expense of those utilities, and you’ll never be sure if you’re spending more than you would if utilities were paid separately. So before signing that lease, let’s examine the pros and cons of apartments with utilities included in Indianapolis.

The Benefits Of Apartments With Utilities Included In Indianapolis

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Along with their amenities, lots of Indianapolis apartments like to point out that rent covers utilities like water, gas, and electricity. This is a convenient perk. By having those expenses wrapped into your rent payment, you don’t have to account for utilities or set a reminder to pay those monthly bills. Simply cover your rent, and you’ll be good to go! You also won’t have the hassle of creating accounts with the different utility companies after you sign the lease.

Selecting a utilities-included apartment in Indianapolis may be the smart move financially as well. If you use the furnace or air conditioner on high for several months of the year, you won’t have to deal with more expensive utility costs in the summer or wintertime. You’ll have the benefit of paying the agreed-upon price no matter your HVAC usage, with no surprises. Utilities included can turn out well for those who spend a lot of time at home or when you live in a sizeable apartment. If you stay home frequently with lights and the HVAC system on all day or need to heat a big area, including utilities with your monthly rent may make financial sense.

The Cons Of Utilities Included Apartments In Indianapolis

Living in an apartment with utilities included doesn’t work for everyone. To cover the cost of those utilities, your complex could demand a steeper rent. For individuals who consume a lot of electricity or gas throughout the year, that cost may be similar to or not as much as covering the utilities separately. But if you don’t run your AC or furnace very much, you might burn a lesser amount of energy than what you’re paying in rent. You might even spend more than what you should on combined energy costs and rent each month to counteract other tenants’ more excessive energy usage, and you wouldn’t be aware of it.

When utilities are included in your rent, you also don’t have the ability to decrease your energy use to save money. You might power down your apartment’s heater or AC and consume a minimal amount of electricity, but your rent won’t be adjusted. As some tenants look forward to reduced energy costs during certain times of the year, you’ll pay the same rent each month, without exception.

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