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Should You Live Close To Work Or Commute In Indianapolis?

November 10, 2021
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Living close to work is convenient, but what happens when you have trouble finding a neighboring community that you love? Is a longer drive a possibility if you’re able to live in a fantastic apartment? How do you decide, and is there even a chance you can pinpoint the ideal apartment next to your job in Indianapolis? If you’re trying to decide whether to live close to work or commute in Indianapolis, answer these questions first.

What is the Financial Benefit Of Living Near Work Vs. Having A Larger Apartment In Indianapolis?

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Is it cheaper for you to live close to work or commute in Indianapolis? Depending on the location of your office, local housing may exceed your budget. You can probably locate a more agreeable place with added square footage for less money if you expand your search area. However, a longer commute results in you paying more for gas and car maintenance. You might also find that you take on added costs for carry-out food, child care, and other needs if you’re not home as much.

When living closer to work, you can cut expenses because you’ll spend less time on the road. As soon as you figure out the costs of living near work vs. having a larger apartment in a different area of Indianapolis, you can decide which option is smarter from a financial standpoint.

Does Added Drive Time Have An Effect On Your Happiness?

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Commuting through peak traffic times is stressful, and all that sitting also isn’t healthy. If you have a beautiful apartment with the amenities you were looking for, you might not mind a longer drive time to work. When you arrive home, you are able to lounge around the pool area and let the stress of your commute disappear. Or, if your property offers a health club, you have the opportunity to offset the time you spent sitting in your car. And of course, if you work from home, you can enjoy your lovely apartment throughout the day! On the other hand, for numerous employees who have to travel every morning, the health risks aren’t worth it, and you might decide you’re happier when you minimize your time driving.

Is Your Office In A Liveable Neighborhood?

Your life away from the office matters too. Living close to your workplace might not work for you if it isn’t near your children’s school or your preferred restaurants and shopping areas. You will end up spending more time on the road transporting your kids or going to places you like.

You should rethink residing near your job if that part of town is louder than other options. If you are hearing car horns or railroad crossings at all hours, you might as well relocate further down the road where you can rest easily before you arise a few minutes earlier to begin your daily drive.

Are You Sure You Can’t Locate Your Dream Apartment Near Your Job? StoneBridge Luxury Apartment Homes Is Here For You

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Indianapolis offers numerous attractive properties you can call home. If you ask around, coworkers and friends can tell you about their pick of places next to your workplace. You might have to look into several apartments to pinpoint what you’re looking for, but your efforts will be worth it when you come home to an apartment you love and a manageable drive to your job.

Or you can look into the options at StoneBridge Luxury Apartment Homes. We offer roomy units in a desirable Indianapolis area in close proximity to restaurants, schools, and several prominent employers. To learn more about our impressive property, contact 317-743-2959 or arrange a tour with our leasing specialists.