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Should I Rent An Apartment Or A Townhouse in Indianapolis?

November 05, 2020

Exterior apartment building in Indianapolis

You've made the call between renting and buying. However, now you’ve got the next tough choice: should you rent an apartment or townhouse in Indianapolis?

While you can find a roomy 2-bedroom or a three-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis, don’t discount the increase in privacy a townhouse can give. A townhouse in Indianapolis is generally guaranteed to have individual entryways, a garage, and at least two stories. But those townhouse perks many times come with an increase in rent.

Here are a few key factors to debate to help you make the best decision.

Townhomes Usually Cost More To Lease Than Apartments

Exterior view of a Indianapolis apartment.

While there are no hard and fast rules for costs, a townhome will usually be higher per month. When you rent a townhouse, you will probably get a small yard in both the front and back and a connected garage. Townhomes also are set up with a two- or three-story floor plan.

On the other hand, there are many apartment units within a larger building. Your unit may have a patio or terrace, but you won’t find a private unit entrance. Those townhome perks of a yard, garage,, and distance from neighbors may come with a larger monthly rent. 

Get More Floors With A Townhome 

Square footage comparisons use the same standard when choosing between renting an apartment or townhouse in Indianapolis. In regards to floor space, 800 square feet is 800 square feet in either option. And it's not unusual to discover some apartments that have more floor space than a townhome. However, apartments will usually use a single floor layout. In contrast, a townhome will utilize either 2 or 3 stories.

The different floors give you more privacy and no upstairs neighbors. With separate levels, it can be easy to distinguish what is your playing level and what’s your quiet space. For instance, you can play a game on the main level after others go to sleep on the upper floor. And if your office is at your house, you can fix a place to work downstairs while your top floor becomes a serene, work-free paradise.

Both Can Use All The Community Amenities

Laundry room in a Indianapolis townhome.

Townhouses are going to come with washer and dryer hookups. Some apartments may also have hookups like their townhome counterparts. Other apartment units feature washer/dryers included, and some have community laundry rooms instead. A townhouse could also have more closet space and has a increased chance for details like a bay window.

Community amenities come standard with whatever type you rent. You'll gain access to the gym, workcenter, and anything else the overall community has for its Residents. Each apartment gets regular maintenance and regular appliances, too.

Privacy Can Be the X Factor On Townhouse Vs. Apartment in Indianapolis

Indianapolis townhomes with separate entrances.

Shared walkways are an ordinary part of apartment life. While this might be a fun method to meet your neighbors, you may want to avoid the bustle of a common walkway. Townhouses are individual units reminiscent to a house and may even have small patio areas, letting you socialize on your own schedule.

Both townhouses and apartments feature common side walls, but a lot of apartments share a floor, ceiling, or both. You'll want to be more understanding about noise levels living in an apartment. The absence of sound from ceilings and floors in a townhouse may also seem like a more pet-friendly option.

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