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How To Find a Roommate For An Apartment in Indianapolis

March 09, 2021

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There are plenty arguments for why you may should get a roommate with your Indianapolis apartment. Another person can be ideal for dividing expenses like utilities and rent.

You may even upgrade to a bigger floor plan than you would living solo. Or perhaps you just enjoy the idea of having someone around. In spite of your reason, getting the ideal roommate for an apartment in Indianapolis can be difficult. But you don’t have to feel like you're trying to win the lottery. Eliminate the anxiety and start your process with confidence by following these easy steps.

Roommates in Indianapolis

Use Your Social Network

If you worry about bringing in a utter unknown for your roommate, why not start with your online friends? With a single post on Facebook or Instagram, you may find an old college buddy who is seeking an apartment. While rooming with a friend has its difficulties, at least you both share a common bond and can bypass the awkward "get-to-know-you" part.

Even if you don't get a friend for your place, your online network is still a great place to start. Inquire with people you like and find out if they know of someone seeking a roommate. A friend-of-a-friend broadens your circle drastically -- and at a minimum you have one reference should you find a possible match. You can even network off-line at your church, work, or social club.

Allow Yourself Time To Locate A Roommate For An Apartment In Indianapolis

Choosing a roommate for an apartment in Indianapolis is a large life occasion and should be taken extensively. Running into a choice may result in many weeks and months of frustration in the long run. You have to take time to consider your alternatives and to interview with prospective roommates. Just keep in mind, if you're coordinating a meeting with anyone you've never met, do so in a populated area. Also, try to bring a family member for an added opinion.

Roommates in Indianapolis

What’s Vital To You When Sharing An Apartment?

Before finding a roommate, you have to be honest with yourself and decide what's vital to you in a communal living space. Begin by creating your personal list of desired roommate traits. Will dirty towels left around the apartment render you insane? Do you love to entertain and need someone who's cool with friends stopping by multiple times per week? Do they come with apartment-friendly pets? Prioritize your list and decide which characteristics are absolute and which ones are able to be budged on.

When deciding on a roommate for an apartment in Indianapolis, it's fine to ask tough questions. You will have to know about personal habits like diet, smoking, and health conditions. It does help if you provide them plenty of time to ask you in return and be ready to answer candidly. Remember that living together is a shared experience.

Locating the Right Place For You And Your Roommate In Indianapolis

Locating the perfect space with the right amenities is just as critical as selecting the right roommate. Keep in mind that the more condensed the floorplan, the more overlap into each other's boundary. Carefully determine the layout and, of course, the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms required. Scout out work or study areas to determine where you can mark off your own space and what will be shared too.

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