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Easy Small Apartment Laundry Solutions In Indianapolis

March 23, 2023

You’re overjoyed your new apartment has its own laundry nook. No more being forced to wait on others to be done with the machines in the community laundry room or hauling sacks of clothing down to the laundromat. But you’ve realized one minor issue. Your tight laundry nook doesn’t have much room for other supplies. Wondering how to best use your restricted space? Explore these simple small apartment laundry solutions in Indianapolis.

Tips For Making the Most Of Your Small Apartment Laundry Closet in Indianapolis

Organization solution for laundry room.

When making your list of necessary amenities, a laundry room was right at the top. But now that it’s a reality, you’re apprehensive about where to keep all the things you need. Even though the space may be tight, you can make the most of it with the following recommendations:

  • Vertical shelving: In close spaces, you might want to think vertically. A sensible upright shelving unit is often a wise choice for a laundry closet or smaller laundry room. Although they might be just five or six inches in width, you’ll get a nice amount of storage for your sprays and detergents. You could even get some extra shelving space for regular household cleaners.
  • Movable storage: You know that limited amount of room you have close to your dryer or washing machine (or maybe between the two)? You can purchase rolling laundry storage carts intended precisely for those spaces. Made around a few inches wide, these space-saving small apartment laundry closet solutions in Indianapolis will slide in just about any place. And they’re perfect for stowing your detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, and more.
  • Door-mounted ironing board with iron holder: Have you forgotten about the ironing board that’s sitting next to the wall of your bedroom? There’s a better place for it. An over-the-door holder is the perfect, space-optimizing answer. It’s inexpensive, simple to hang, and most are available with a convenient compartment for your iron and starch spray. Fetching your ironing board and getting ready for a big night out in your new area couldn’t be easier.
  • Curtains: Does your small laundry nook lack a door? Some inexpensive curtains will work to close off the area when you’re not using it. Thanks to a virtually endless number of colors and designs, you will find curtains that coordinate with your decor. Employ a tension bathroom rod to suspend them. And whenever you’re doing laundry and want a spot to air dry clothing, what do you think you can use?
  • Baskets: Metal shelving is a normal element of laundry rooms. While useful, it also has a propensity to make your supplies spill when they’re not set precisely. Instead of having a disorganized heap of tipped-over bottles of stain remover and detergent, try baskets. They’ll assist you in keeping things organized, and they are visually appealing!

Get An Apartment With A Laundry Room In Indianapolis

Laundry room with washer, dryer, and storage baskets on wire shelf.

Now that you know how to make the most of your laundry room, it’s time to find an apartment that features one! StoneBridge Luxury Apartment Homes boasts spacious apartments with the integrated laundry hookups you want. You’ll also enjoy a range of other amazing amenities in this popular community. Contact 317-743-2959 to speak with a helpful member of our team or just schedule a tour to begin.